Whitby Town 6 NFU 1 (Evo Prem 18-19)

Evostik Northern Premier League
Premier Division

Saturday 19 January 2019

Whitby Town 6                                 North Ferriby United   1
Ashley Coffey 15, 38, 45;              Mark Hutchinson 88
Greg Rutherford 43p
Callum patton 57
Dale Hopson 62p

“Take the positives out of that one,” said a Ferriby fan after the game.  So let us start and end there. Mark Hutchinson scored a well-taken goal in the dying minutes to open his account for the club.

From Ferriby’s point of view that was it apart from Lewis Exall’s man-of-the-match performance. Had it not been for Exall producing a number of outstanding saves the defeat could have been more embarrassing for The Villagers.

Apart from the first 15 minutes of the match which were pretty even in terms of possession and territory, Ferriby were totally outplayed. Even in that brief spell, The Villagers never threatened Jack Norton’s goal whilst Whitby went close on a number of occasions.

Throughout the game, Whitby were much quicker to the ball, more assured with their passing and by far the physically  stronger side in challenges.

Whitby always seemed to have at least one or more, players available in space  to take passes and keep the game moving. Ashley Coffey made a good target-man for the home side.

The first-chance he had to beat the back-line was on 15 minutes when he burst past the back-four to shoot past the advancing Exall for the first goal. . It is perhaps fortunate for Ferriby that he found it difficult to stay on-side as he had the beating of the Ferriby defence for pace. Even so, he managed to complete his hat-trick before half-time.

Whitby’s second goal after 38 minutes came after Greg Rutherford skipped past a number of Ferribyplayers without any real challenge to fire a low shot which was parried by Exall. Unfortunately, it fell to Coffey to score from close-range with no defenders around him.

The third goal after 43 minutes was a Rutherford penalty after Jack Smith unnecessarily tripped Coffey when there was no danger. This was frustrating as it is not the first time this season that The Villagers have conceded unnecessary penalties.

Coffey completed his hat-trick on the stroke of half-time when he was not closed down and fired home with a low shot from 18 yards. It capped a good performance of how to play as striker.

Ferriby were little better in the second-half. Whitby’s fifth goal saw Callum Patton skip past four or five defenders, again with no real challenge, before scoring.

The final Whitby goal was a Dale Hopson penalty following a Dan Nichols foul.

With the best part of 30 minutes to play Ferriby fans probably felt that there would be worse to come.  However, saves from Exall denied the home side and it was Hutchinson who found himself in space with just Norton to beat, which he did calmly. It brought a little respectability to the score but that is all.

Manager Paul Foot did not want to comment after the game.  With his side continuing to make the same errors it is difficult to know what can be said that has not already been said.

Sad to say, Ferriby, today, looked like a side whose confidence has gone. With 15 league games left, it is going to be a long end to the season.

NFU: Lewis Exall,  Dan Nichols, Jordan Windass, Leon Smith, Callum Harrison, Jack Mail,  Ben Leyland (Mark Hutchinson 45)  Jack Smith,  James Nichols (Joe Lamplough 45) Niah Payne, Josh Vickers (Jake Martindale 65)., (Subs not used James Piercey,

Whitby Town: Jack Norton, Kieran Weledji, Jassem Suker, A dam Gell, Daniel Rowe, Alex White, Leon Scott, Dale Hopson (Callum Wilson 75), Ashley Coffey (Mathew Tymon 70), Callum Patton (David McTiernan 81), Greg Rutherford.  Subs not used: Lee Bullock, Adam McHugh

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