Some thoughts from Carl Chadwick

Carl Chadwick had the following to stay when he had a discussion with Club press Officer Phil Withers recently.

“Buying North Ferriby United at this time in my life seemed like a good opportunity. A change in my personal circumstances means that I will have time to devote to developing the club in the coming months and years.

“I’m a professional boxer and want to get involved in another aspect of sport. Anybody who knows me will tell you that I always give 100% in anything that I do and I’m sure Ferriby’s supporters will see that.

“I hope the current fans and people living in the village and the surrounding area will be willing to come to the ground to watch the team. That support will be vital if we are to play at the highest level we can.

“The next few months are crucial. I want people to come and watch the team, starting with the pre-season friendlies. We will, hopefully, have some attractive opposition but we are still waiting for confirmation. Dates and opponents will be announced when we have them confirmed.

“I would like to see an increase in attendances. I’m in discussion with Stagecoach about the possibility of running a bus, perhaps two, from Hull on match days. That may attract support from those who don’t or can’t drive to the ground. It also means that they can make greater use of the clubhouse!

 “The club needs to be self-sustaining. By the end of the season, Jamie had reduced costs to the point where it should be possible to do that. Income from a home game has to cover the wages for two matches plus the cost of travel to the next away game. Historically, that does not happen. So, like most, if not all clubs, we need income from sources other than just gate receipts.  There are two ways of doing that: making full use of the facilities at the ground and sponsorship.

“I want to make the clubhouse a focal point for events in the village and the wider area. I’ve already started a face-lift for it as it is a bit dated. The idea is to make it a much more attractive venue, not only on match days but also for other club and family events. If we can encourage people to use the club, it will provide income throughout the year. That is vital for the club going forward because it helps with costs  during the season and then with the ongoing bills through the closes season.

“The other source of income is sponsorship. If we can get the right product and fair pricing, we should be able to have something that will be attractive to businesses, families, groups of friends and individuals. The team is going to be much more locally based than it has been in recent years. Hopefully, local businesses, in particular, will be more willing to support local players.

“I know last season was a difficult one for the fans but I also know that they rallied round the team in the closing weeks. They appreciated what Chris Bolder, Paul Robson and the players were achieving. Many of those players have already re-signed for the coming season. Everybody I talk to at the club seems to believe that these players are the basis for a good team. We need the fans to share that belief and come and back them.

“Chris and Paul are working with the same budget that they had at the end of last season. It says a lot about their commitment and that of the players that they are willing to continue.

“The team has been set no particular playing targets. I want them to go out and enjoy their football and try to stabilise the level of football after two difficult seasons. I know they will give everything they have and I know that the fans will respond to that.

“The focus of the club will always, inevitably, be the First Team, but the Junior and Ladies teams are equally important parts of the club. Now the club is moving back to using more locally-based players I hope that our Reserve and Junior players will see that they will have a chance of progressing to the First Team. That should be another way of making North Ferriby more of a Community Club.

“As a professional boxer, I know how important it is to have a “backroom” team. I’m grateful to the backroom team that is currently at the club. They put in many, mostly unpaid, hours on the organisational side. They are as committed to the club as I am and I hope we can continue to work together.

“I’ve mentioned that we need the supporters to come through the gate but I would like to thank them for the positive comments on social media over the last few days. I’d also like to thank the fans who turned-up on Saturday to do maintenance work at the ground. Hopefully they will be back on the next few Saturdays to continue with the remaining work.

“And in case anybody is in any doubt, the club is staying in North Ferriby!”


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