NFU Supporters' Club

Chairman: Andrew Frankland-Barber email: andrewfbarber@btinternet.com
Secretary: Anthony Wood
Treasurer: Steve Dale
Committee Members: Mark Leighton, Dave Farrow and Mike Birney

Honorary Vice Presidents: Joan Butler, Clare Russell,  Mike Dixon, Barry Johnson and John Sprowson

Supporters’ Club email: northferribysc@gmail.com

The membership fees for this year are   £6 for adults and £3 for juniors
Cheques payable to:
NFU Supporters Club

Benefits include  discounted coach travel to away matches. 

Application forms can be picked-up at the club shop on match days. Download one from the website.

AGM 2018

Minutes from the AGM.

        1. Apologies from Mike Birney and Malcolm Dale.

  1. We started with the Treasurer’s report. We currently have £1167.06 in the bank and cash. If you require a breakdown please see Steve Dale.
  2. We asked if the Supporters Club is still relevant. Myself and another committee member didn't think so, but Jo Gray talked me round. So we still have a Supporters Club and your membership is due. Please complete an application form and hand it to Steve Dale with your £6 for adults or £3 for juniors, unless you are one of our Honorary members of course.
  3. The committee was therefore elected. Andrew stayed on as Chairman proposed by me and seconded by Dave Farrow. Steve Dale stayed on as Treasurer proposed by Dave and seconded by Jo. Mark Leighton stayed on the committee proposed by myself and seconded by Mike Dixon, as did Dave Farrow proposed by Jo seconded by me, as did Mike Birney proposed by me and seconded by Brian Butler.

            I was proposed by Mark Leighton and seconded by Mike Dixon for Secretary. I actually wanted to resign but wasn't given the chance, so there will have to be some changes. I am not working before or during any games, if               an email requires sending out it will be in my time, I won't be answering phone calls during my work hours and if I get an email that is nothing to do with the Supporters Club it will be deleted. Emails are taking longer due to a             slow laptop and having to Bcc every email and Karoo not accepting a large number at once.


  1. We moved on to fundraising ideas. We still have the Goals and shut outs. Please see Mike Birney if you haven't joined already, Dave Farrow has only 4 Premier League teams left for the League Ladders so please see him and join in.
  1. Dave Farrow mentioned the Christmas Draw which we haven't had for a while. We can organise it but must check that we have a lottery licence first. If you know anyone who could offer us a prize either please tell us or even better ask them for us.
  1. Jo Gray mentioned a 60s, 70s orn 80s night in the clubhouse, which needs using more. Mike Dixon mentioned a race night. Mark Leighton mentioned a raffle for anyone who buys all of his badges for home games. All the money he raises goes to the club so again please buy them. Mark also mentioned doing coffee and cake in the new food bar as it isn't getting used due to staffing shortages.
  1. Next my bug bear. Lack of volunteers. We had 10 litter pickers, but I've probably lost one now (see later). Joan and Brian Butler offered to help but have 3 long holidays during the season so are not available for every game. Clubs our size are run on volunteers, so please put your name forward for selling before games, litter picking and possibly replacing divots in the pitch (to be confirmed with the groundsman). I will set up a rota when I know numbers etc.


  1. Mark Leighton brought up the idea of a Hall of Fame again. We had an issue with getting the recipient going in the boardroom, but Jo doesn't think it will be a problem now. We hope they can bring their family and sit in the directors’ box too. The plan will be to list say 6 people and then members vote for the person once a year. It's been decided that Paul Foot will be the first recipient and we hope to present it at the Scarborough game. Mark is looking in to everything.


  1. Matthew brought up the Non League day 13th October when we play Stafford at home. We are proposing half price entry for Hull City, Hull FC, Hull KR and Hull Pirates passholders/members and our passholders can bring a friend for £5. These proposals will have to be run by the owner which Matthew is going to do. If you have any other ideas please email Matthew matthewjkempson@hotmail.co.uk.


AOB. A brewery is paying for a player of the month award for each team. It was decided that members could vote for it. I will send out the last date for voting when I've confirmed them with Andrew.


  1. Pitch squares in the programme was mentioned. If there is room in the programme and Carl agrees, Jo Gray will collect the money. Minster Village ( Mark Leighton) will be running the club shop from now meaning he can't help with the litter. He will be stocking it with items from Chablais Sport and anything we can get items from Macron too. I wish him well with it.

      b. I was asked by a member to hand out car stickers to anyone buying a raffle ticket before the Hull City game. This was before the City game was moved. I brought it up for possibly next season’s game ( if there is one) but it was rejected as an idea.

  1. I would like to welcome our newest members Nigel, Jack and Amy Gray and John Smith to the Club.


Anthony Wood

(stiil the) Secretary

North Ferriby United Supporters Club




AGM 2017

1) Election of officials. Andrew was proposed to continue as Chairman by Barry Johnson and seconded by Dave Farrow. I was proposed to carry on as Secretary by Dave and seconded by Mark Leighton. I proposed Steve to carry on as Treasurer and seconded by Dave. Dave was proposed by me to continue on the Committee, seconded by Andrew. Mike was proposed by Andrew to continue on the Committee and seconded by me. David Jones resigned from the Committee. We thank him for his contributions over the years. David proposed Mark to take his place, seconded by Barry, and Mark accepted. 


2) Treasurers report. Even after spending £490.50 on new footballs for the club and £988.17 on the hotel for the team at Torquay, and despite income from memberships and the Goals and Shut Outs falling, we still have £915.46 in cash and the bank. Copies of Steve's report are available from him.


3) Away travel. After the apathy of last season Dave Farrow and myself are no longer arranging any coaches for away games. Mark volunteered to put a schedule together and get costings for next season. Thanks Mark and good luck.


4) Fundraising. Mike has agreed to continue doing the Goals and Shut Outs and David will assist him. If you don't know what this is. You offer to pay a minimum of 20p ( can be more) for every goal we score or every clean sheet we keep. Please contact Mike or David if you wish to join. All the monies raised go to the Supporters Club and ultimately the club.

 When we were at Southport we spotted something they do to raise money. We are calling it League Ladders. It's basically a Sweepstake. For £5 per team  you get to draw a team, at random,  from either the Premiership or National League North. If your team wins either division you win £30, if they finish 11th you win £15 and if they come bottom you get your £5 back. Please see Dave Farrow or myself if you want to join. Again all profits go to the Supporters Club.

 Our newest member Jo, came up with the idea of a 60/70s night at the club, with prices for the best dressed and raffle prizes. We would price the tickets at £5. This is an event for the future, but please let me know if you are interested or have anything for a raffle prize.


5) Notice Boards.You may have seen the posters welcoming the opposition supporters to Ferriby around the ground. They have featured on other clubs Twitter sites. Steve Dale does these, for which we thank him. Steve wants to put them in some kind of board rather than sticking them up with blue tac. Steve had priced some up at £42 each, but Jo contacted some one who said they could do them for just the cost of the perspex. I'm just waiting for Jo to come back to me.


6) A.O.B .  Mark proposed an N.F.U Hall of Fame. This will be to induct former players to the Hall of Fame. The Committee would nominate players who we feel have contributed most to the club, and then the rest of the membership will vote for the person for that seasons winner. We could then invite them and some family members to a game to present them with a certificate and hopefully allow them to enjoy hospitality at the game. The final details will have to be worked out with the club. Barry is going to raise it with Steve Forster at the next oppurtunity. If you would like to see Mark's full proposal, email me and I'll forward it on.

After Joan Butler, Clare Russell and Mike Dixon were made Honorary Vice Presidents of the Supporters Club this season, David Jones proposed, seconded by Barry, that John Sprowson be honoured in a similar way. John is a former player, who also has done a lot of work and fundraising for the club over many years. He is not a member of the Supporters Club, and we don't even know if he will accept, but it was voted on and passed to ask him.

Membership begins on August 1st and will remain the same cost as before. Please see Steve Dale or any Committee member to renew, if you want to. You can maybe encourage others to join or rejoin.

We have 2 confirmed Pre Season friendlies and 6 yet to be confirmed, with 1 very interesting one in my opinion.

The final thing. What do you want from the Supporters Club and therefore, the Committee. If there is anything you would like us to do that we aren't, contact me please. 

The AGM finished at 442PM



North Ferriby United Supporters Club Secretary






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