NF Athletic

North Ferriby Athletic

North Ferriby Athletic play in the Humber Premier League Division One

Humber Premier League Division One Champions 2015-16

Date Opponents Comp H/A Res Score Scorers
15/08/15 Long Riston Lge A L 1-2  Own goal
18/08/15 Westella & Willerby Lge H W 6-1 William Gevelaar (2); Craig Cocklin; Danny Lilley; Matthew Cooper; Carl Morrison
25/08/15 Hunters FC Lge H W 4-2 Mathew Whitaker (3); Rob Hodson
29/08/15 Hall Road Rangers Reserves Lge A W 2-0 William Gevelaar; Rob Hodson
05/09/15 AFC Northfield Lge A W 3-2 Carl Marrison (2); Danny Lilley
12/09/15 Brandesburton Lge A W 5-0 Craig Wells (2); Danny Lilley; John Teall; Mathew Whitaker
19/09/15 Goole United Cup H L 0-1  
03/10/15 Hall Road Rangers Reserves Lge H W 3-2 Carl Marrison (2); Jack Stephenson
17/10/15 Park Athletic Lge A W 3-1 Carl Marrison (2); Mathew Whittaker
24/101/5 Long Riston Lge H W 3-0 Carl Marrison; Craig Wells; Kieran Barmby
07/11/15 Wawne United Reserves Int Co Cup H W 5-1  
14/11/15 Hull United Reserves Lge H W 4-0 Rob Hodson (2); Carl Marrison (2)
21/11/15 Hall Road Rangers Reserves Lge H W 1-0 Kieran Barmby
28/11/15 East Riding Rangers Reserves Lge Cup A W 4-3 Samuel Ansu (3); George Bell
05/12/15 Howden AFC Lge A W 5-3 Stephen Batterbee (2); Danny Diak; Ryan Hillary; Matthew Sutton
12/12/15 Hessle United Lge A W 4-0 Carl Marrison; Jack Stephenson; Kieran Barmby; Stephen Batterbee;
19/12/15 Walkington Lge A L 3-4 Matthew Sutton (2); Jack Stephenson
23/01/16 Park Athletic Lge H W 6-0 Carl Marrison (3); Danny Diak; Ryan Hillary;Rob Hodson
13/02/16 Orchard Park UFC Int Co Cup A W 3-2 Carl Marrison (2); Sam Mortimer
20/02/16 Hessle United Lge H W 3-1 William Gevelaar; Ryan Hillary; Danny Lilley
27/02/16 Drighlington FC Yorks OB Sh A W 1(5p)-1(6p) Kieran Barmby
19/03/16 Walkington Lge H W 2-0 Danny Lilley; Craig Wells
02/04/16 Brandesburton Lge H W 2-0 Mathew Whittaker; Craig Wells
16/04/16 AFC Northfield Lge H L 0-1  
23/04/16 Hull United Reserves Lge A W 3-0 Mathew Whittaker; Craig Wells (2)
03/05/16 Bridlington Town Reserves ER Int Cup Final N W 2(4p)-2(3)  
07/05/16 Howden FC Lge A W 5-0 Sam Mortimer (2); Kieran Barmby; Edward hEpple; Jack Stephenson



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