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"I joined MAN v FAT Football in January 2017 after a close friend of mine asked if anyone was interested in joining on Facebook. It came at an opportune moment in my life as just a couple of months earlier I had decided to hang my shooting boots up for good, having ran a 5-a-side team for over 10 years. I was struggling to keep up with the younger players of the team and felt like I was hindering rather than helping by continuing to play. I decided to hand over the reigns and reluctantly retire from amateur football completely in order to focus on both my health and losing weight.
"MAN v FAT Football not only gave me a platform to bring me out of retirement but it provided me with the motivation I desperately needed to take weight loss more seriously and actually make an effort. Each week brought with it the renewed ambition to lose weight to help the team do as well as we could, and the support I received from my teammates is something I'll always value. It's a unique team spirit setting where the support comes from each other's desire to do well in the league.
"As a result, I achieved my first goal of losing a stone in weight by the end of the year, but what MAN v FAT Football also gave me was something I never anticipated playing footy with a bunch of fat blokes each week. I've made new friends, a lot of them! Each one more unique than the next but all with the same love of the game and similar goals to reach, both on and off the pitch. I wanted to lose weight and keep it off, have fun and restore the confidence I'd lost from being overweight and that's exactly what I've achieved.
"Since joining and expecting to play football once a week I've taken part in fitness classes, boxing classes, taken part in charity football events, joined an 11 a-side league and I regularly play football 3-4 times a week! My next target is to lose another stone by the end of this year and I genuinely believe I'll hit that target with the support and motivation being part of this movement brings with it."


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